4 Home Heating Tips to Save You Money

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With sky rocketing home heating costs, we all do our best to balance comfort and efficiency. There are a few common mistakes people make that can end up costing you more money rather than saving money.

1. One Setting to Rule Them All

This is a common misconception that we see all the time. People know that increasing the temperature at home takes time and while your home is warming up your heating system is working harder. Rather than having your heating system in overdrive, many of us choose a comfortable setting and lay down the law: do not touch that thermostat!

While it’s true that your heating system works harder to increase the temperature in your home, it is not true that sticking to one setting will save you money. If you’re away from home for work and the kids are at school there’s no need to keep the heat set at that comfortable temperature. Once you’ve left the house, you can drop the temperature a few degrees (it’s usually safe to go down 2 to 4 degrees). That means while you’re away your heating system has less work to do and it doesn’t take that much to get back to your comfortable temperature because the change is only a couple of degrees.

2. Faster Heating is Cheaper Heating

Many of us, do drop the temperature when we’re away from home. When we get back, we often crank it up to a higher temperature than usual to warm it up faster. This is the ultimate misconception.

Your heating system basically has two “speeds” and they are simply: heating and not heating.

So, if you crank the thermostat up you’re simply heating to a higher than comfortable temperature … and no quicker than if you just set it at your comfortable regular setting. A high temperature doesn’t make your home heat faster, it just takes longer to get there and costs more too!

3. Ever Changing Settings

It’s late January, you’ve just finished running your errands. You have a trunk full of groceries and can’t get settled fast enough. You get through the door, chilled to the bone drop the groceries and head to the thermostat to get warmed up.

The main problem here is that it is you that’s cold, not your home! Heating your home when it’s you that needs warming is not smart. When we come in from the cold, out bodies are cold. Entering the warm house makes that even clearer to us and we all prefer to be warm. So be patient, just like heating your home, it takes time to warm up. If you want to speed up that process, grab a sweater or a blanket but always remember, turning up the heat is only a waste of money if you’re on a mission to warm your chilled self.

4. I don’t need a fancy thermostat!

One of the best ways to avoid all of these problems, to save money, and be comfortable is to get a modern thermostat! You should be able to set a schedule that works with your family’s schedule. A home that automatically cools slightly while you’re out and warms in time for you to get home. With modern SmartHomes you can even adjust the thermostat while you’re away with your smartphone, so on the day you’re getting home early you can resume your normal temperature early so you don’t get home to a cool house.